Inside the Tailored Interior

Natale balances monochromatic colors, elegant textures and deep hues to create a moody, but inviting space.

The Tailored Interior
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Madeline Cocktail Table
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Aerin Gold Gilt Washington Bookshelf
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Natale says clients like either brass or silver, never in between. This masculine space with brass accents sparkles against the vivid, dark-grey walls which bring the large-scale room down to cozy proportions.

Award-winning designer and architect Greg Natale, known for his bold use of color, pattern and texture, has authored his first manual of design, aptly titled The Tailored Interior. Featuring stunning photography by Anson Smart and a generous forward by Jonathan Adler, The Tailored Interior invites readers to take a glimpse into the stylish world of Greg Natale.

Within the pages of his new book, Natale grants readers access to his creative process, style inspiration and the structure of his signature style as they tour 18 houses designed and curated by the famed designer. Throughout the course of the text, Natale shares a bit of himself and the secrets that made have made him a multi-year awardee of the International Designer of the Year Award.

When we asked Natale to share some of the foundation that make his unique style so successful, he generously shared with us the following insights:

The Tailored Interior
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The Tailored Interior
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One of Natale's secrets for creating visual balance is incorporating both color and pattern. This stunning gold-geometric accent table pops against the dark wall color and highlights the artwork and symmetrical accessories.

On Layering:

The seasoned designer speaks to the importance of layering saying, “it’s so easy… you’ve just got to keep layering until you’ve got it right…. The first layer is the walls, floors and ceiling. Once you’ve got that done, the next layer would be curtains, then case furniture, then rugs and side tables, then cushions and, lastly, accessories…”

On his Signature Monochromatic Looks:

The first layer of Natale’s designs are typically neutral. He adores creating monochromatic interiors and believes, “that creating visual balance is one of the most important things within design.” Color and graphic patterns are additional ways to achieve that visual balance.

On his Appreciation for Pattern:

He attributes his admiration for pattern to his Italian background and describes his parent’s home as an early influence. He remembers well that “when (his) parents built their dream house in the late 1970’s, there was a lot of color and pattern and floral… so it probably comes from that.”

On Visual Balance:

A proper blend of materials when working with accessories is a must. The visual aesthetic of mixing shapes, colors and materials can help when striving to achieve visual balance. “I like the interior to be quite precise; I’m not one of those designers that can just throw in a whole lot of stuff. Everything is really (carefully) considered.”

Cohesion: Clean lines,bright whites and the bold turquoise rug echo the hue of the back splash tile in this contemporary kitchen.

Jean Candlestick
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When people hear ‘contrast’ they often think black vs. white, but it can be also be a square versus a circle. Natale loves mixing opposite colors and shapes and says “I think they create a really beautiful balance.”

On the Use of Pattern:

“I love geometric patterns, but then I contrast them with an organic pattern.” Contrasting assists in achieving design stability within a room. When people hear the word ‘contrast’ they often think black versus white, but it can be also be a square versus a circle. Natale often combines opposite colors and shapes to “create a really beautiful balance.”

On Anchoring:

Natale insists that “anchoring is really important, because I don’t like (the look of) furniture floating, otherwise a room can look unfinished.” He notes that incorporating grounding pieces like a rug, a pendant light, or art can stabilize the space and give it a more finished look.

On Final Cohesion:

The final look of a design is achieved by adding and subtracting elements that simply do not fit. Natale notes that “You just know when something is right, or when something is wrong.”

Within the pages of The Tailored Interior, Greg Natale offers solid, practical advice as well as anecdotes gained through years of award-winning experience. Complemented by an abundance of gorgeous photography by world-class photographer Anson Smart, Natale has achieved his purpose of creating a visually consuming text that “has a sexy factor to it… that someone could put on their coffee table..” and enjoy for years to come.

Regardless of the scale of the room, the essential checklist Natale always includes in every living room are: a sofa, coffee table, end tables, and a rug. He says, “All of the components are there. It’s just about playing with the scale.”
Viola Chair
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Above: Designer Greg Natale

Get To Know Greg:

Q: Please describe to us your personal style

A: “My personal style is definitely masculine. I like glamour and I like monochrome, that’s my personal style, but I don’t expect all my clients to like that….and I would say contemporary as well.”

Q: What are you in love with?

A: “I love books - interior design books. I’ve got a problem with Amazon at the moment. I am always buying books on Amazon; my library is out of control! I love to be inspired…”

“I love to travel! ...I think seeing different cities from places really inspires you and makes you grow as a designer. I love New York. I love Los Angeles. I love Paris. They are probably my three favorite cities... I love London. Last year, I went to Honolulu and I went to Kuwaiti, which were really beautiful...I do love Italy. Milan is inspiring. I have never been to Egypt; that would be fascinating.”

“I collect boxes; I love all types of boxes Lucite and lacquered marble boxes. I just like the look of them, I put watches in them.”

“I am really loving mid Grey Torata, of course, I love black and white. I am loving brickwork at the moment; we are using a lot of brickwork in our projects. I am loving crushed velvet.”

Q: If you had one more day to live… what would you do?

A: “I would probably want to have a big, fabulous party and invite everyone! I do like entertaining.”

The Tailored Interior
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Raphael Side Table
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Tubular Metal Burst Objet with Stone Base
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Banana Trophy
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Here, pops of color are brought in with the gold hued cushions, artwork and rug to create a glamorous vintage feeling, but at the same time the space is decidedly modern with its bright marble paper walls and the spectacular plasterboard ceiling detail.